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Welcome to the Taiwan Mouse Clinic,National Comprehensive Mouse Phenotyping and Drug Testing Center

Due to the typhoon day off, the Mouse Molecular Genetics (MMG) Symposium is going to be held at 9am in C201 International Conference Hall at National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP) on August 23 instead. Please re-register by 4pm on August 21. For registration.

TMC is moving to the National Biotechnology Research Park from July 31 to August 9, and from August 26 to August 30, 2019. There is no change of the contact phone number and mailing address before August 30. In addition, here is the information of new TMC location and contact after September 1, 2019.

To avoid delaying other users' cases, TMC no longer provides section service for feathers based on the resolution in user committee meeting on February 24, 2017.



The Taiwan Mouse Clinic, as one of the core facilities funded by the National Research Program for Biopharmaceuticals (NRPB) of the National Science Council (NSC) in Taiwan, aims to promote the utilization of mice as a model to study human diseases by providing state-of-the-art mouse phenotyping services to biomedical researchers in Taiwan. Small discussion groups and educational workshops will also be held by the phenotyping center to facilitate the application of various phenotyping methodologies. FAQs and price lists are available on our website, and all requests for services and consultations regarding phenotyping experiments will be handled by our in-house staff scientists. Please send your requests or questions through TMC requests.


  • TMC is going to host a symposium entitled Mouse Molecular Genetics (MMG) Symposium 2019 “What’s wrong with my mice? - From Genotypes to Phenotypes” at 9:00am in C201 International Conference Hall at National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP) on August 23. For anyone interested in this symposium, please register online by 4pm on August 21, 2019. Please see the poster for the information of the symposium. For registration.
    Map for going to the NBRP
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  • TMC is going to adjust the charges for most of service items for industry and that of blood chemistry, lung function and uCT services for academy on July 11, 2019. Please see the new charges. If you are interested in any services, please contact TMC. new(2019.07.11)


  • TMC is going to provide 2 new service items, Technical Support-Phenotyping and Technical Support-Mouse Hotel, on December 1, 2018.Technical Support-Phenotyping is for drug preparation, isoflurane usage, special data processing, and formal statistical report. Technical Support-Mouse Hotel is for animal labelling, mouse/ sample weighting, special diet/water handling, cage exchange, stool collection, mice sacrifice, lab entrance, and cage transfer and bench usage not for routine service. We also price down the industrial fees of 7 service items, including Metabolic Rate (TSE & CLAMS), Food and Water Intake,Von Frey, Asthma Sensitization, Lung Function, and CSF extraction, in order to service more industrial users. new(2018.12.01)