Blood Chemistry

In this service, we offer routine checkups for blood samples using Fuji biochemical slides. we check several enzyme activities, such as GOT, GPT, CPK, ALP, LDH, as well as the levels of important compositions in the blood samples including GLU, BUN, CRE, UA, TCHO, HDL, TG, TBIL, Ca, TP, ALB,  IP, AMYL, LAP, CKMB, CHE, D-BIL, Mg content and ammonia content.

Fuji Dri-Chem 4000i is used for all measurements in this service. Only a small amount of blood is needed for this sample, around 10ul, for each test. Each test is analyzed on its own slide.

FDC 3500


    1. Ammonia (NH3) - Whole blood required.
    2. Amylase (AMYL) - Pleas make 5- fold dilution with PBS or dd water on your samples before sending your samples to TMC.
    3. Leucine Aminopeptidase (LAP), Cholinesterase (CHE), D-Bilirubin (D-BIL) - Please order any of these items for yourselves because the ordering process for these 3 items takes at least 3 months. However, TMC will offer the manipulation for users.

Instruction of blood collection for keeping mice alive

The Scale of Hemolysis

QC result of FUJI DRI-CHEM

Data Provided (For example)

Fees for Blood Chemistry

Please request blood chemistry and complete blood count two working days ahead. For any violation, it will be double charged as an emergent case.