Non-Invasive Blood Pressure

The BP-2000 Six-Channel Mouse System can rapidly measure the blood pressure of up to six animals simultaneously without operator intervention. Researchers can measure subject’s blood pressure efficiently and accurately on large animal populations for identifying phenotype using BP-2000. With this service, you can get data such as systolic, diastolic, mean blood pressure, standard deviation, pulse rate, and waveforms.

The BP-2000 Series II Blood Pressure Analysis System is the world's leading non-invasive blood pressure analyzer for mice. It is available for both mice and rats. Its proven technology is now depended in more than 150 laboratories around the world, and BP-2000 has been cited in more than 275 peer-reviewed research publications, included Oliver Smithies who won the Nobel Prize in medicine. No other system has come close to this record. Its intuitive design allows you to begin measurement in minutes (30~40 times/30mins), better yet it offers powerful parameters that simplify your research. The BP-2000 Series II Blood Pressure Analysis System is used for this service to obtain blood pressure.

FDC 3500

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