Body Composition

Whole Body Composition Analyzer is based on technology of Time Domain NMR. It acquires and analyzes TD-NMR signals from all protons in the entire sample volume and can provide amounts of 3 components among the samples: Fat, Free Body Fluid and Lean Tissue values. Please avoid placing any metal tags on tested mice.

The specifications of Minispec LF50 TD-NMR Analyzer:

    • Whole animal body composition analysis.
    • Non-invasive, non-destructive.
    • Short analysis time (minutes).
    • Do not need anesthetics.
    • Do not need to sacrifice animals.
    • Allow for a high animal throughput, highly reproducible.
    • Allow real longitudinal studies.
    • Measurement frequency: 7.5 MHz.
    • Maximum mass of mice: about 50 g (corresponding to 80 ml volume).
    • Accuracy and precision: about 1% of total mass.




    Data Provided

    Fee for Body Composition