Services for drug safety and indication

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Drug Safety
Drug Indication


Home Cage Anxiety, Motor disorder, Drowsy
描述: MC900423567[1]
描述: MC900423567[1]
Open Field Anxiety, Motor disorder
描述: MC900423567[1]
Rotarod Motor disorder
Hot/Cold Plate Pain  
Tail Flick Pain  
Von Frey Pain  
Modified-SHIRPA General health, Neurological    reflex


Electrocardiography Arrhythmia, Cardiac ischemia
Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Hyper- and hypo-tension
Echocardiography Arrhythmia, Cardiac function


Blood Chemistry Liver and kidney infection, Leukemia
Histopathology Cancer, Inflammation, Neurodegeneration  
Complete Blood Count Infection
Urine Analysis Kidney function, Diabetes


Metabolic Rate Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic syndrome  
Body Fat Diabetes, Obesity  
Body Lean Diabetes, Obesity  
Bone Mineral Density Osteoporosis  
Food and Water Intake Diabetes
Body Composition Diabetes, Obesity  

Molecular Imaging

Trabecular Bone Osteoporosis  
2D X-Ray Development, Kyphosis  
Micro PET Tumor image, Bone metastasis, Brain image (Parkinson, Alzheimer, Ischemia)
Micro SPECT Bone, Thyroid, Brain and Cardiac Images
Optical Image Tumor  

Infection and Inflammation

Body Temperature Monitoring Inflammation, Fever
Lung Function Asthma, Respiration