Q: 1. My knockout mice usually die suddenly. Can you analyze if heart failure was the cause?

A: TMC offers electrocariogram (ECG) and blood pressure measurement to analyze heart function such as hypertrophy, arrhythmia and more. According to the results, investigators may know if your mice died of heart failure.

Q: 2. Is it possible to carry out pathological examinations on dead mice? Do you have SOPs for these tests?

A: TMC dose not suggest testing mice which are found dead in their cage. However, if you are sure that the animals died within one hour, please collect the tissue and put it in 4% paraformaldehyde (or 10% formalin) as soon as possible. In this case, TMC can process your samples, but, TMC does not guarantee the result quality because post mortem changes could occur. TMC does not provide SOPs for animals dead in their cage.

Q: 3. How do I decide what tests I need? What’s the procedure to apply for TMC services?

A: Investigators may go through the services link on the TMC website to decide what experiments you may need according to your research. If you are not sure which experiment you require, TMC suggests that you test the primary phenotyping screening. Then, the TMC director will provide you useful suggestions to meet your requirements. TMC also provides application procedures for you on the TMC website.

Q: 4. How do I purchase credit points and apply experiments online? How do I get results?

A: After deciding service items, investigators can access LIMS to purchase credits. Then finish payment procedures by paying cash, check or telegraphic transfer. After the credits are deposited in your LIMS account, please fill out “apply experiment” online to request your experiments. When the experiments are completed, you may download your data online except blocks, slides, and images.

Q: 5. Should I prepare blood samples by myself or will TMC provide this service? How can I prepare blood samples for tests? How much blood volume should I provide and how should I deliver the blood to TMC?

A: TMC provides blood withdrawal services only when your mice are in the TMC mouse hotel. For information on collecting blood samples, please check the blood, serum and tissue sample preparation. Investigators should prepare at least 30μl serum or 260μl blood samples in an anticoagulant containing tube for blood chemistry and CBC test, respectively. Investigators can deliver serum and blood samples at 4 ℃ by any shipping company to TMC. Blood samples have to be delivered to TMC within 2-3 hours after blood withdrawal and investigators should submit your request form two days ahead.

Q: 6. Can I get my mice back after all examinations?

A: Investigators may get your precious mice back after all the examinations except for histopathological examinations. Please let TMC know if you would like to get your mice back when you send your mice to TMC.

Q: 7. How soon can my samples be tested? How can I check the status of my samples?

A: Most of the mice will be tested within two weeks after the mice arrive. Serum and blood samples will be tested at the arrival date, and tissue or organ samples will be tested within a week. Please notice TMC at least two days ahead to arrange a schedule, if you would like to apply blood or serum tests. Once you apply experiments online, you will receive an e-mail regarding approved sample delivery date from TMC. Please click the service request ID to check the proposed experiment schedule.

Q: 8. How long will it take to get my results? Will you analyze the data for me?

A: The time needed for analyzing data depends on the work load of TMC. (Usually TMC provides CBC and blood chemistry data three days after your samples are measured. For others, it will be a week after examinations.) However, TMC will not analyze data for all investigators.

Q: 9. Do you provide special staining services?

A: TMC provides several special staining services for collaborative research. However, this depends on the staining method and the amount the investigator requires. Please discuss the possibility of collaborative research with TMC.

Q: 10. May I consult with TMC scientists about the results through Skype?

A: TMC does not provide Skype contact information on the TMC webpage because all TMC staff members might be not available when you attempt skype us. TMC suggests that you contact us by e-mail or telephone.