This service can measure the level of locomotor activity of the tested mice and their patterns of movement when the subjects are placed in a slightly large and open space that may cause anxiety and fear. Open field study is an easy way to gauge the ability of habituation of mice in a new environment. This test can be done repeatedly without interfering with other behavioral study and is applicable to study the locomotion and anxiety levels of mice before and after compound administration.

Clever Sys TopScanTM1.0 is the main software used for this service. This software collects information of the rodent body in order to define the position of the head, the tail and the center of the body precisely. This software can also calculate ambulation distance in 2-D space and analyze multiple behaviors simultaneously. The accuracy of the following behavior study is above 80%: total traveled distances and speed, resting time, locomotion trace, the frequency and duration spent in different zones, the frequency and duration of rear up or contract body, moving speed above or below 20 mm/s, turn around.

FDC 3500

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