Histopathology—Tissue Section and Staining

The histopathology services contain perfusion, tissue trimming, decalcification, tissue processing and embedding, section and H & E staining to examine tissue morphologies. We provide H& E staining of 37 tissues for the whole mouse pathological examinations, including brain, heart, lung, liver, kidney, spleen, trachea, lymph node, thymus, pancreas, skin, skeletal muscle, stomach, intestine, gall bladder, WAT, BAT, urinary bladder, ovary, epididymis, salivary gland, testes, long bone, eyes, ear, foot pad, preputial gland, sciatic nerve, head-nasal passages, teeth, tongue, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, uterus, prostate, spinal cord, joint, thyroid and parathyroid gland, which will help users to identify the overall pathological phenotypes of the tested mouse further. However, Taiwan Mouse Clinic doesn’t provide pathological diagnosis for H&E-stained sections. (National Laboratory Animal Center offers the diagnosis service.)

Additionally, we offer 20 special stainings for our collaborating laboratories. If you have this request, please contact us to get the information for these special stainings.


If you send your slides to TMC for H&E staining and will request diagnosis in NLAC, please follow the guidelines listed as follows to prepare your slides.
1. The volume of a fixing agent used should be more than 10 fold volume of organs or tissues (sample/fixing agent= 1/10(v/v)).
2. For brain, we suggest to use BOUIN'S solution as a fixing agent to avoid some artifacts such as brain dark shrunken neuron.
3. Please use BOUIN'S solution as a fixing agent for embryo.
4. Please use 10% buffered formalin to fix placenta.
5. Don't fix organs or tissues more than 7 days.

For consultation of your slides, please contact Dr. James Chen at BioLASCO Taiwan Co., Ltd by dialing +886-2-26973039 ext. 168, +886-922688979, or e-mailing to james@biolasco.com.tw. The price is based on the charge announced by LASCO. Please contact LASCO to pay the charge straightly.

Fees for Histopathology

Maximal 2 sections in a slide. For special samples, special cases, or more than two sections per slide, the price will be different based on the demand.