Hot/Cold Plate Test

This test is used to measure the thermal nociception of mice. The tested mouse is put on the surface of a metal plate which provides heat or cold stimulation. The degree of nociceptive threshold can be measured via the withdrawal latency when the tested mouse shows sign of lifting or licking hind paws or jumping. This service is applicable to the research of analgesia, anesthesia, thermal nociception, and hyperalgesia.

Ugo Basile Hot/Cold Plate 35100 is the testing device used in this service.The scope of the temperature is ranged from 2℃ to 66℃ (heat 18-66 ℃, cold 24-2 ℃), which can be adjusted by increasing of 2.5 ℃ /min maximum. The standard setting for this experiment is set at 55 ℃. This device is equipped with a switch pedal that instantly start/stop timing, artificial errors can be effectively reduced when using this device.

FDC 3500

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