Lung Function

TMC adopts the Unrestrained Whole Body Plethysmography (WBP) of Buxco Company to measure the mouse lung function. The body Plethysmograph is a volume change detector that examines volume change in particular space (chamber) to count the alteration of respiration gas volume of a mouse. The WBP system will record the respiration parameters like Peak Inspiratory Height (PIF), Peak Expiratory Height (PIF), Expiratory Time (Te), respiration resistance (Penh).

The advantage of using WBP in lung function measurement includes easy and non-invasive handling, minimal stress for the tested mice, no need of sacrificed mice, and collecting different respiration parameters simultaneously. The major parameter measured for the lung function is the Penh, which represents the resistance of respiratory tract. The bigger value of the Penh means the resistance is bigger.





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