Metabolic Rate

Metabolic rate (MR) represents the energy expendeture while animal at rest/ or exercise in a neutrally temperate environment. There are different methods for measurement of metabolic rate. Here we use a indirect calorimetry to measure the metabolic rate of mice. This instrument allows us to determine the concentration of O2, CO2, flow, and enviroment temperature (cage). Through an equation we can estimate the metabolic rate.

In TMC, the LabMaster Calorimetry Module (TSE-Systems GmbH) is used in this service. We can measure up to 8 mice at one time, either in normal homecage or voluntary exercise cage . Further, we also provide measurement of metabolic rate for exercise using a exercise calorimetry (forced running wheel). The results include row data of measurement (O2 and CO2 concentration in cages and differences to reference air in %), O2 cosumption, CO2 production, respiratory exchange rate, and metabolic rate (in kcal/(kg*h)).

FDC 3500