Body Fat, Bone Mineral Density, Body Lean and Trabecular Bone

The SkyScan 1076 is a high resolution micro-CT system for in-vivo scanning of small animals in laboratory. Different from x-ray (radiography) system, it can accumulate two- dimensional shadow image information return to three-dimensional structures and avoid loss. The x-ray beam illuminated on the object and it can produced slices from one-dimensional shadow line, and according to the geometry, it can divide the loss of a three-dimensional reconstruction from two-dimensional projections. The SkyScan 1076 can use to measure bone density, fat area, fat volume, lung area, lung volume, tissue density, tissue thickness, tissue type separated analysis.

The hardware specifications of SkyScan 1076 included:

1. x-ray sources: <5 μm spot size, 20-100 kV and 4 position filter changer(no filter, AI 0.5 mm, Ti 0.025 mm AI 1.0 mm).
2. scanning area: 35 or 68 mm in diameter, 200 mm in length.
3. x-ray detectors: 10 mega pixel, 12 bit digital X-ray cameras.
4. pixel size: 9 μm, 18μm, 35μm.
5. data formats: BMP for results and three-dimension movies conversion to TIF, JPG, AVI.

3D Imagine of Mouse Body Fat , 35um:

2D Imagine of Mouse , 35um 2D Imagine of Mouse Body Fat , 35um 2D Imagine of Mouse Body Lean , 35um
fat05 fat06 fat07
Profile of Tibia, 9um
Cross Section of Tibia, 9um


Data Provided—Body Fat , BMD, Body Lean and Trabecular Bone (For example)

Fee for Body Fat , Body Lean, and BMD

Fee for Trabecular Bone and 2 D X-Ray