Body Temperature Monitoring

We use the Thermo Shot NEC F30S to detect the surface temperature of the mouse, and the temperature detection range is - 20~100 centigrade degrees within the errors about 0.1 centigrade degrees. It takes about 15 seconds to shoot one infrared thermal image, that makes a small pressure to mouse and very suitable for experiment if it need fast and real-time to get the body temperature.

The main use of this instrument is being detected and examined mouse's temperature of body surface changes and distributing, but not applicable to measure the change of the internal temperature. The special features of this instrument are noncontact-type, fast, sensitive, convenient, multi-point and observe directly. When we carry on the experiment, it just need to constraint the mouse within a limiting space, and then use NEC F30S to take photographs and analyze body, head and eyes by the software.

TMC have equipped a cold box for low-temperature treatment, so that we can provide cold stress treatment if needed. The relevant experiment procedure is as described in the SOP.



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Fee for Body Temperature Monitoring