Slide Scanning

In this service, we provide an automatic digitalization of histological sections obtained from biological specimens and samples of human or animal bodies on standardized slides under both transmitted light mode and reflected light fluorescence mode. The standardized slide should be 75.0 to 76.2 mm in length, 25.0 to 26.0 mm in width and 0.95 to 1.05 mm in thickness. The cover slip should be 50 mm in length max, 24 mm (recommended 22 mm) in width and 0.13 to 0.19 mm in thickness. Each magazine can accommodate 50 slides with up to 300 slides capacity. Because of the automatic input and output function, slides can be scanned overnight automatically. This function is not recommended with fluorescence light scan. Three standard fluorescence filter cubes are offered in this service. The wavelengths of excitation and emission filters are listed as following: Filter set 1: Ex. 350/50 and Em. 460/50 which is suitable for the observation of DAPI, Hoechst and etc. Filter set 2: Ex. 470/40 and Em. 525/50 which is suitable for the observation of GFP, FITC and etc. Filter set 3: Ex. 545/30 and Em.620/60 which is suitable for the observation of Cy3, Rhodamine and etc.

For fluorescence scan, please follow the guidelines listed below to prepare your slides. 1. An anti-fading reagent should be added into the mounting reagent to last fluorescence longer. 2. The counter stain of nuclear is necessary for focusing and stitching to get a better result. 3. DAPI should be used before the mounting reagent. No mounting agent mixed with DAPI is allowed. 4. Nail polish or glycerol is forbidden to use in sealing the slide corners. 5. A hardening mounting reagent is required to mount the slides. This service may offer high quality images based on its high resolution scanner imaging optics.

Mirax Scan is used in this service to digitalize the image of histological sections of human or animal samples.

FDC 3500

Brightfield (200X)
slide01 slide02
Tissue Array– Multiple Focus Layers (200X)
Focus level = 15
Focus level = 30


For slide scanning, please bring a formatted flash drive or portable external hard drive to save the images if the image size is bigger than 4GB. (The prices are as same as those listed in the Charge Table. )

Data Provided (For example)

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