Tail-Flick Test

The Tail-Flick test is designed to assess nociceptive threshold by using infrared source. The tested mouse is anesthesia free and is covered with a linen glove with its tail sitting on the groove of the heating panel. Wait until the mouse calms down then introduce the infrared radiant heat onto the subject and record the latency of tail flick. This test is fast and safe and is applicable to the research of analgesia, anesthesia, thermal nociception, and hyperalgesia.

Ugo Basile Tail Flick Unit 37360 is the device used in this service. Radiant heat is generated from an I. R. source (50W bulb) with adjustable energy level. This system can automatically start/stop timing when tail flicks which effectively reduce artificial errors.Ugo Basile Heat Flux I.R. Radiometer 37300 is an instrument for I.R. source adjustment.

FDC 3500

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