Urine Analysis

A 10 EA test strip is used in this service to test urine which can measure up to 10 parameters such as blood glucose, protein, bilirubin, pH, blood, ketones, urobilinogen, specific gravity, nitrite and leukocytes. 10 different color tones would be shown during the test simultaneously. 514 tests can be done in one hour because it only takes 60 seconds to perform one test individually. 520 test results can be stored in the memory at the same time for database building and analysis purpose. The test is done by using dual wavelength reflectance method and the wavelengths are LED: 430, 565, 635 and 760 nm. This service helps to detect diabetes and kidney disease at early stage and is very accurate and efficient.

Aution Eleven AE-4020 offers service of detecting parameters from urine. Only 6-10µl of urine is required in order to generate one analysis. As a result, 100 µl of urine is required to analyze 10 parameters using 10 EA test strip.

FDC 3500

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