Electronic Von Frey Test

The Von Frey test is used to assess mechanical nociception. A non-anesthesia mouse is placed in a small acrylic box on a confined area on wire mesh to limit its action. When the tested mouse calms down, use a special Rigid Tip (Rigid Tip+ 0.01 inches tungsten electrode) to poke its hind paw to measure the mechanical threshold which may induce withdrawal response. This service is applicable to assess the therapeutic effect of anti-inflammatory drug, and the effect of  pain caused by nerve damage.

IITC Electronic Von Frey Anesthesiometer 2392 is the device used in this service which contains some special enclosure. For instance: a Rigid Tip that can directly measure pain threshold with a single poke; a Super Tip is a kit containing 15 kinds of filaments with bending forces range from 0.1 to 65 g. Unlike the traditional Von Frey set, this electronic Von Frey tester can automatically detect and record mechanical thresholds, and therefore increases measurement accuracy and shorten experiment time.

FDC 3500

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